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Dr. Bhamres Nulife Oxygen Clinic
Dr. Bhamre’s Nulife Oxygen Clinic is the first hyperbaric oxygen therapy centre in Nasik and North Maharastra. It is the only multiplace oxygen therapy chamber in this region. The clinic is having state of art hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber. The clinic is hygienic, air conditioned, modern and safe. It is manned by trained, experienced friendly staff and doctors. We are happy to state that patients are referred to us by renowned plastic surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, general surgeons, neurosurgeons, diabetologists and physicians of reputed hospitals. We have successfully treated more than one thousand patients in last four years. ABOUT THERAPY Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is U.S. F. D. A. approved therapy. Shortly known as HBOT is a form of treatment in which patient inhales 100% oxygen under high pressure. The amount of oxygen dissolved in plasma is increased 10 times than normal. This high level of blood oxygen has many positive effects on body cells where there is lack of oxygen. The duration of treatment is 90-100 minutes and is given daily for 5 to 50 days depending upon the disease. The treatment is given in special chamber called as hyperbaric chamber which is also known as healing chamber.
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